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Our supervision programmes

We offer specialist individual and group supervision for counsellors who are already, or are about to start, working with domestic abuse clients and may want specialist supervision to explore the specifics of domestic abuse counselling sessions.

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Why have specialist supervision?

Working with stories of domestic abuse can sometimes be challenging to therapists. It is very helpful to have supervision at these times with someone who understands the process of counselling and the experience of domestic abuse.


We focus on the individual experience of the counsellor in supervision as the response of a counsellor to events disclosed by clients is often related to their past. In supervision, we can explore what is going on in the room, with the client and with the counsellor to ensure that the client is being fully heard and understood in their disclosure.

This can be particularly powerful in group supervision where the shared experience, support and challenge from peers provides multiple perspectives on what has been brought to the group.

What supervision is available?

Individual supervision can be booked on a single session or  regular monthly basis. See the online booking section for details.

Group supervision is held in groups of 4 for 2 hours. People may join as a pre-formed group, or we can form groups from interested parties across the UK. This provides the equivalent of 1 hour of supervision per participant. Groups (once formed) are expected to commit to the process for a minimum of 6 months as frequent changes to the group can be disruptive to the group process. Single sessions of group supervision for pre-formed groups to explore particular issues can be facilitated. Please contact Dactari for further information.

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What does supervision cost?

Individual supervision is available for £60/hour.

Group supervision is available for £20/hour (£40 per 2 hour session) per individual.

We also offer supervision to organisations for their employees. This can be on an individual or group basis. Please contact us for more details.

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How can I book?

Booking for supervision can be done through our booking system. Once the initial appointment is made, additional appointments can be made with your supervisor, to suit you both. Please contact us if you need any further information.

Contact us today about our supervision programmes

Get in touch with our qualified and friendly team today at Dactari by calling 0333 335 5896.

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