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When can counselling help?

Experiencing domestic abuse can sometimes lead to people feeling sad, lonely, anxious, lacking in self confidence and self-esteem, and sometimes experiencing fleeting thoughts of suicide or flashbacks to the abuse that happened. Whilst it might be helpful to know that these are all normal reactions after experiencing abuse, it can make it hard to share your feelings and experiences with others. At Dactari, we know how difficult this can be. We work with you at your pace, so that you can talk about what happened to you in a way that suits you. We understand that the impact of abuse on individuals can last long after the relationship is over, and how difficult it can be to seek help particularly when time has passed. Our team of professionally trained specialist domestic abuse counsellors are here to support you wherever you live in the UK, through our confidential online and telephone counselling services.

Our counselling is open to everyone, whatever your gender, sexuality or ethnicity. We understand that the impact of the abuse is different for everyone and we work with you in the context of your life experiences. There are no minimum or maximum numbers of sessions as we recognise everyone works at their own pace.

Our approach is compassionate and accepting of what happened to you, and counselling sessions are tailored to best suit your individual needs. Whilst we will talk with you about coping strategies where that is helpful, our focus is more about finding ways to help you to recover from your experiences and to regain your mental health.

Counselling sessions are private and confidential in accordance with the BACP ethical framework, and you can be assured of a non-judgemental and understanding service. We canl help you build your self-confidence and self-esteem, and equip you with the skills and knowledge to move forward towards a brighter future.

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About our counsellors

At Dactari, our specialist domestic abuse counsellors are dedicated to providing you with the best online counselling service possible. These are our values in client work:


Our counsellors are highly experienced and trained professionals who take confidentiality and the safety of our clients seriously. All counsellors have a deep understanding of the complexity of domestic abuse and the emotional and psychological impacts it can have on individuals.


We strive to provide a non-judgmental and empathetic environment for our clients. Our counsellors are compassionate and understanding and create a safe space for individuals to express their feelings and experiences.


We support individuals in developing a better understanding of their experiences and provide practical advice on how to cope with and manage the abuse. We offer emotional support and guidance to help people find the strength to make the necessary changes to improve their situation.


We take confidentiality seriously and ensure that all of our services are provided in a private and secure environment. We adhere to strict professional standards and are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients.

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We respect every individual’s right to make their own decisions and choices. We are committed to empowering you to take control of your life and to make informed decisions.

Counselling: Counsellors

Meet our counselling team!

At Dactari Ltd, we have a team of fully qualified and experienced counselling specialists who are also trained in providing online counselling sessions. We love the work we do and look forward to working with you.

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Make sense of what has happened to you and establish the change you seek. I will work with you at your pace, focusing on what is important for you as the route into allowing and encouraging you to move forward through a growing sense of self.

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I believe that perception is a key part of understanding our experiences. In counselling, we will explore your experiences  in a supportive, gentle, yet challenging way to look at things from different perspectives. Sometimes seeing a different view can help us to change the way we think and feel about things.

This is a picture of Gordon.


I believe in helping my clients discover the most comfortable counselling path that works for them while still challenging them. I specialise in domestic abuse and adverse childhood experiences and my passion for counselling comes from seeing the joy in clients when they discover a new version of themselves.

This is a picture of Karen.


I work predominantly within a humanistic approach using person-centred therapy. The approach is non-directive and puts you, the client, at the centre of the therapy. My role is to meet you on your level and work alongside you exploring your issues or difficulties. I incorporate CBT techniques if required, and work creatively with clients who wish to explore their work through art.  

This is a picture of Jane.


I’m passionate about helping my clients unlock their potential, believe in themselves, and lead a fulfilled life. I deliver my therapy in a person-centred way, meaning we’ll work together to help you develop a strong and healthy sense of self, explore your feelings, and find meaning in your life experiences.

This is a picture of Sarah.


I help people who have experienced abuse to understand what has happened and the impact it has had.  I offer a non-judgmental and respectful safe space where you can discuss whatever is on your mind. My role is to listen and work with you to find a way forward.   

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Hear from our counsellors

Hear from our counsellors

Hear from our counsellors
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Meet Jane

Meet Jane

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Meet David

Meet David

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Meet Jeannette

Meet Jeannette

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Counselling: How to
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How would I start counselling?

  • You can access counselling with us either online or by telephone

  • You can ask specifically for one of our counsellors or we can match you with one based on your availability if you don’t have a preference.

  • If you want to talk with your counsellor first before committing to the counselling, simply book an introductory call. Your counsellor will then call you to have a chat with you to make sure you have the right ‘fit’ to work together. 

  •  If you are both happy to continue, you will agree a date convenient to you both for your first session. If you feel the counsellor isn’t right for you, simply ask to be referred to someone else and we will be happy to arrange that for you.

  • If you want to start counselling without an initial meeting, you can book a session to meet your availability now, although we do recommend an initial conversation first.

  • Please download our client information sheet before starting your counselling as you will find lots of useful information there.

If you feel you need to talk to someone immediately, please see our additional resources for 24-hour helpline services currently available.

Want more information?

If you would like more information on counselling at Dactari, please see our FAQ pagedownload our client information sheet or contact us.

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