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The Expert Series providing bespoke Domestic Abuse Counsellor Training

For those who have some experience of domestic abuse counselling work already, we can offer

separate, stand-alone training on topics that are likely to be of interest to practitioners working in this area. This training can be designed to specifically meet the needs of the organisation and can include topics such as:

  • Understanding Domestic Abuse and Mental Health;

  • Using the Domestic Abuse Counselling Model with clients;

  • Therapeutic skills for Domestic Abuse Counselling;

  •  Working with Complex Trauma

  • Creative Approaches for Working with Complex Trauma

  • Developing strong Therapeutic Relationships with people who have experienced abuse;

  • Coercive Control;

  • The Effects of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People;

  • Domestic Abuse and Court: supporting clients;

  • Domestic Abuse work and Counselling Ethics.

The training is given by people who research and/or teach in the area and can be seen as experts in their field and can last from half a day to several days.

We offer the training is this way to provide a more cost effective way to train larger numbers of staff, or employees, who need specific training in one or more aspects of the work.

Holding a Book

Next steps

Please contact us via our contact form or via email: We will then contact you to arrange an online meeting where we can discuss your training needs and your preferred mode of delivery and provide an outline cost for your event. If there is a topic that you feel is missing, simply let us know and if we can provide training in that area, we would be happy to include it. We are always interested to hear what type of training would be useful for people and are constantly developing our training offer.

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