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Counselling Research

Both counsellors and trainers in Dactari are encouraged to participate and lead on research projects within the UK and further afield to further our knowledge of domestic abuse counselling.

We then use that knowledge to inform our practice as counsellors and our counsellor training programmes.

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Research: Welcome

Our research and publications

As we work using remote counselling via computer or telephone, the process of remote working is of great interest to us. We are currently involved in a research project with the Open University to explore the client’s experience of working online.


Dactari participated in the “Effective Interventions to Prevent and Reduce Harm and Abuse” conference in Preston, UK, which was organised by the Connect Centre. There we co-presented a paper with the University of Salford entitled “Improving Mental Health for Domestic Abuse Survivors: A new model of counselling delivery”.

Dactari was also part of the BACP Research Conference in Leeds on 19th-20th May 2023. There, we led a symposium entitled  "Working with experiences of domestic abuse: practice considerations" with colleagues from the Open University, Newman University, York St John University and the University of Salford.

Our CEO, Jeannette Roddy is co-author on an online therapy paper published in Counselling and Psychotherapy Research over the summer. This is a very large qualitative study involving nearly 600 therapists and counsellors and helping to understand the online therapy process better, to help both counsellors and clients.

Full, W., Vossler, A., Moller, N., Pybis, J., & Roddy, J. (2023). Therapists' and counsellors' perceptions and experiences of offering online therapy during COVID-19: A qualitative survey. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, online publication, 1-16.   


Jeannette has also had an article published in the March 2024 edition of Therapy Today, the professional journal for BACP, entitled "It's time we improved post-domestic abuse support", which is available to download.

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Working with the Counselling Consortium, TRaCCs

Dactari also works with the Counselling Consortium TRaCCs (Training, Research and Counselling Centres) made up of mainly HE counselling providers who have their own Counselling Research Clinics, including Abertay University, Newman University, University of Roehampton, University of Salford and York St John University. This group is particularly interested in analysing the anonymised data from the counselling centres to identify helpful elements of counselling process that could help to improve counselling more generally in the UK. A sub-group looking specifically at interventions for domestic abuse has been set up with a view to seeking funding to explore possible extensions to standard counselling provision. For more details, see the website here.

Research: Interests

Our Research Interests

Work at the University of Salford by members of the team at Dactari has included the counsellor experience of online working with domestic abuse experiences and the potential for post-traumatic growth through counselling. Both projects may be taken further by the team members.

Trainers working with Dactari have their own research interests. For example:


Dr Jeannette Roddy: Improving our understanding and delivery of domestic abuse counselling online

Leigh Gardner: Creative therapies in working with trauma

Dr Elaine Beaumont: Self-compassion and kindness

Dr Laura Viliardos: The male experience of sexual abuse

Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall and Dr Rod Dubrow-Marshall: Working with experiences of coercive control.

Karen Nolan: Post-traumatic growth

Sarah Bagshaw: Client experiences of online counselling

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Contact us today for counselling research

For more information about our research, please contact our team now on 0333 335 5896 or email us at for additional information.

Research: Contact
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