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Domestic Abuse Counselling in London

At Dactari, we are a dedicated domestic abuse counselling company with a mission to provide a supportive service for those impacted by domestic abuse in London.


Our team of expert domestic abuse counsellors are not just here to listen; we are here to guide you towards a journey of healing, growth, and reclaiming your life.

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How Can Dactari Help?

The impacts of domestic abuse are far-reaching and deeply ingrained. Survivors often face diminished self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and a profound sense of isolation. Relationships with family and friends can be strained, and the ability to trust others may be shattered. It's a pain that is not easily overcome, but with the right support, it is possible to rebuild, to heal, and to thrive once again.


A domestic abuse counselling session is not just a necessity; it is a lifeline for survivors. We provide a confidential service which can help you to unravel the complexities of your experiences, to process the emotions that may seem overwhelming, and to develop the tools to regain control of your life. The Dactari team of counsellors possess the expertise and sensitivity required to guide you through this journey, step by step.

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Helping London Survivors

While we are based in Middlesbrough, we understand the importance of reaching out to those who need us, regardless of location. Our commitment to serving London residents has led us to create an inclusive and accessible phone and online counselling service. We recognize that London's dynamic and diverse community deserves support tailored to its unique needs, and we are here to provide that.

Our ability to communicate with people in London is paramount to our mission. City life can often amplify feelings of isolation and vulnerability, making it crucial for survivors to have a safe space to turn to. Dactari offers that space – a place where your voice is heard, your experiences are validated, and your healing is our top priority.

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Get in Touch

At Dactari, we believe in your strength, resilience, and capacity to heal.

If you are based in London, our specialised team of counsellors are dedicated to walking this path with you, supporting your journey towards a brighter future.


Together, we can break free from the chains of domestic abuse and build a life filled with strength, dignity, and renewed hope. Reach out to us today, and let's take the first step towards healing together.

Our details:

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