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Specialists in Domestic Abuse Counselling

At Dactari, we are dedicated to providing access to specialist domestic abuse counsellors and trainers. Our confidential and compassionate online counselling is delivered by experienced and knowledgeable therapists. Our virtual counselling sessions provide a safe space for those experiencing domestic abuse to share their experiences.


Our services also include counsellor training, supervision, and research opportunities. With our strong online presence we can work with people from Middlesbrough, Manchester, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast and throughout the UK.


Listen to our CEO talking about our work on Radio Tees in May this year.

You may be interested to know that Dactari has also been recognised in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2023 

Most Compassionate Integrative Therapist 2023 (North Yorkshire):

Jeannette Roddy

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, whatever your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age or faith, and includes emotional, psychological, financial, sexual and/or physical abuse. Unfortunately, the mental health consequences of living in an abusive relationship can last long after the relationship is over. We have heard clients express their experience after leaving as simply "existing". Yet, with the right therapy, people can move from existing to having a full life, planning a future and thriving. We call this recovery and we would like to see everyone have access to such services wherever they live.

How can Dactari help?

Our aim at Dactari is to enable high-quality, specialist domestic abuse counselling across the UK. We know that not all regions  have access to specialist counselling support and that people tend to get more from counselling when the counsellor is trained in domestic abuse and really understands what they are going through. Our plan to enable these high-quality services has three parts:

1.    To make available an online counselling to people in the UK who do not have access to a local specialist service, working with our specially trained and experienced counsellors.
2.    To provide high-quality training in domestic abuse counselling, based on client research and tested in clinical practice, for qualified and trainee counsellors across the UK, so that more local specialist counselling will be available face to face.
3.    To lead and participate in research for improving and quantifying outcomes for domestic abuse counselling so that we continue to p
ractice counselling and train counsellors using the most up-to-date research.

Whether you are a client who wants to begin recovery from your experiences or a counsellor who wants to facilitate recovery for their clients, we may be able to help. Just click on the section of the website most relevant to you and see what we can offer.  

Why are we called Dactari?

Our name comes from our interests, Domestic Abuse Counselling, Training and Research Innovation (DACTARI). The name is reminiscent of Daktari, a 1960s TV programme which showed a team of professionals providing a safe space in the middle of the jungle for those who needed help or support.

We know that living with domestic abuse may, at times, feel like living in a jungle, not quite knowing what might happen next. Our aim is to provide a safe space for people to recover from their experiences of domestic abuse and to teach other mental health professionals how to facilitate recovery for those with domestic abuse experiences. Like Daktari, we work as a team to deliver counselling, training and research with compassion, integrity and good humour.
We designed our logo with an umbrella over the DA (domestic abuse) part of the name showing a place to shelter, and with the bird in flight at the end signifying the freedom from abuse and the move on to a different life.  Our logo colours of green and purple indicate that the service is open to all, whatever sexuality, gender or race.

This is logo for the company, Dactari.
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Dactari: based on research, experience and expertise

Dactari is led by Dr Jeannette Roddy, who has spent over 10 years completing research into what counselling clients want from domestic abuse counselling. As well as developing a model of practice for counsellors working in this area, she has also defined the training required to work competently and effectively with clients, as they described their needs. The model is based on the unique experience of power and control of each individual, offering equality and equity  in our work with individuals.

The models of counselling and counselling training have been successfully tested at the University of Salford Domestic Abuse Counselling Service which Jeannette started and ran for 3 years, and are now being utilised within Dactari.  

Jeannette’s vision, shared by the other therapists, trainers and researchers in Dactari is to offer a specialist online service across the UK for those who cannot, or choose not to, access specialist counselling or counsellor training locally. 

At Dactari, all our counsellors are professionally qualified and have extensive training and experience of working with abuse. This provides  you with access to a unique and highly qualified group of mental health professionals with expertise in working with domestic abuse experiences.

If you have any questions about Dactari, please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Why Choose Dactari?

  1. Experienced Professionals: Our team consists of skilled counsellors and trainers with a wealth of experience in domestic abuse and diverse counselling approaches and specialties.

  2. Convenient Online Access: You can access our services from the comfort of your home, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

  3. Personalised Approach: We recognise that every individual's journey is unique. Our services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to your growth and development.

  4. Nationwide Presence: Whether you're in Middlesbrough, Manchester, London, or anywhere else in the UK, our services are available to you.

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Hear more about Dactari from Jeannette Roddy

Find out more about Dactari

Find out more about Dactari

Find out more about Dactari
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P1 intro and how did the idea emerge (1)

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P4 what is the team like_

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Get in Touch

Dactari is here to help you along the way if you need domestic abuse counselling in Middlesborough,  Greater Manchester, London or anywhere else in the UK. Don't be afraid to ask for counselling sessions, our knowledgeable team is committed to assisting you in overcoming the difficulties of domestic violence.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the specialist counsellor training services. We are here to provide you with exceptional training so that you can develop your career and help others.​

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